The course aims at enabling the student to recognize and outline:

  1. basic characteristics of Kenya's physical environment: diversity and commonalities 
  2. the current issues related to Kenya's physical geography and development
  3. the causes of common environmental issues faced by Kenyans;

The course therefore gives the student a glimpse of:

  • A brief introduction to Geography of Kenya: Historically and politically;
  • Some salient features
  • Physical Geography: Surface geology and its resource  potentials
  • Physiographic Regions: the resource potentials, constraints and prospects
  • Climate, drainage and water resources: the resource potentials, constraints and prospects
  • Vegetation and animal life: the resource potentials, constraints and prospects
  • Kenya’s Physical Geography and the country’s development: a blessing or a curse
  • Cross-cutting issues: foundations and the way-forward
    • Environmental Problems
    • Corruption and bad governance
    • Insecurity
    • Rapid population increase


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