This course introduces the students to a set of tools for collecting, storing, retrieving at will, manipulating and displaying spatial data from the real world for a particular set of purposes such as planning, estimating and location- decision making for efficiency and effective use of resources and services. GIS is not necessarily a course for geographers, it applies across multiple disciplines. It discusses database creation and management, data analysis, presentation of information, products along side areas of application

Dear Student, Welcome to GIS course

The course aims at introducing you to the knowledge and understanding of how you can gather and display for the purposes of communicating geospatial, social, economic, and environmental information to the end users to plan, manage and/or make a decision.

By the end of this course you will be expected to:

  • Understand the basics of GIS (definition and purpose of GIS)
  • Know the various tools and techniques used in GIS
  • Understand how to apply/use data from the GIS database to generate and display spatial information using GIS software.